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Maximize Throughput With Hytrol's Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor

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the Zero Pressure Accumulating Video
Carton Length Not a Problem with EZLogic

Many times it is necessary to accumulate a long line of boxes to be fed into a loading, sorting, strapping or palletizing operation. Accumulating conveyors provide the perfect solution for stopping points or wherever a line of boxes needs to be accumulated. Accumulating conveyors help to maintain flow control, manage merges & transfers, prevent product damage, queue products and control nonsynchronous operations.

Many factors affect the proper operations of accumulating conveyors such as speed, box weight and box size. Zero pressure conveyors may be either mechanically, pneumatically or electronically operated. Electronically operated units have no minimum weight requirement and use no sensing rollers.

Customer Profile

young living 2New system shows a 125% increase in throughput, 12% improved picking productivity and a substantial accuracy increase in picking and fulfillment at 99.9%.

"We are very pleased with Hytrol's commitment to quality. I've been in warehousing since 1982 and used various conveyor systems. Hytrol has been the most stable, and [is] just a solid platform for us to work on."

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