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Hytrol. We Know Conveyor.
Hytrol Conveyors Deliver Fresh Product... Faster!

Fruits & Vegetables Facility Size
150,095 sq. ft.


Product Handled
Fresh vegetables and packaged fresh fruit

Types of Conveyors
Live Roller, Zero-pressure Accumulating, Gravity Roller & Skatewheel (All powered conveyor is Steel and Stainless Steel)

This produce company is a major force in fresh fruit and vegetable processing, offering more than 100 retail and food service products to customers. Each year, the company packages millions of pounds of vegetables and fruit. With such a large operation, they rely on Hytrol conveyor to quickly and efficiently move fresh vegetables through their facility.


Doing it the old way

  • All staging, packing, and movement of boxes was done manually.
  • Boxes were manually filled on fixed packing tables then stacked onto pallets.
  • The pallets were hauled away with pallet jacks.

Goals for the new system

  • Use conveyor to transport packed boxes from the current production room to the new product skidding area where boxes are manually palletized.
  • Plan for the transportation of full boxes from the future production area and deliver empty boxes to the pack stations.


The company reports that the new Hytrol system has resulted in a safer, uncluttered production and packing area. Also, the finished product can now be palletized in a 34° F environment, thus increasing shelf life.

"Since the installation of this system, product has benefited from the ability to increase chilling time and better control the cold chain. Our concern with space utilization has also been addressed. This system gives us a way to provide our employees a safer working environment while providing our customers with the highest quality product possible."

Today, the "new" order delivery system ships over 90 trucks a day in two shifts with orders ranging from 1 SKU per truck to completely mixed products, often all on pallets.

Fresh Produce Processing System Fresh Produce Processing System Fresh Produce Processing System

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