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Need Green & Lean Product Handling? Try Hytrol's E24 Technology.

Technologically Advanced 24-Volt Conveying Systems

With energy consciousness playing a major role in how today's industries function, Hytrol brings you "green and lean" solutions that save you energy, cost and time. Hytrol has designed and produced several ground-breaking solutions that exceed what is currently offered in the material handling marketplace. The most notable of these is our E24 - 24 Volt DC Conveyor and EZLogic® Accumulation System.

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Hytrol's revolutionary E24™ and E24-EZ™ conveyor lines provide a much improved alternative to traditional 24-volt roller (MDR) technology. E24™ and E24-EZ™ conveyors have immediate sustainability recognition in energy savings alone. Factor in the many benefits of 6x life expectancy, RoHS compliance, and increased torque while using 60% less energy and the ROI and sustainability features are immediate!

Gravity Conveyor

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Here is a closer look at the E24™ versus 24 volt powered rollers traditionally offered in the industry.

E24 Powered Roller
E24 24volt Comparison

These are only a few obvious examples of the features and truly beneficial returns and offerings of the E24™ conveyor line. You can also see where E24™ would be sustainable just by the lack of inventory, longer lifetime, and no heat dissipation issues like powered rollers, etc.

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The Scenario

Cases go through a packing operation consisting of six lines feeding tapers. After exiting the tapers, five of the lines feed at a right angle into a takeaway line. That takeaway ultimately feeds a perpendicular line carrying cartons to a manual palletizing area. The last taper feeds into a 45° offset and then straight into the manual palletizing area.

The Original Solution

The original solution discussed with the customer called for live roller conveyors combined with photo-eyes and PLC control at merge points. The project contained a total of 10 drives ranging from 1/2 HP - 2 HP. Total linear footage including the curves was approximately 200 feet. This initial solution was presented to the customer but did not provide a favorable ROI.

A Better Way

By re-thinking the scenario and considering the use of Hytrol's E24™ & EZLogic® technologies the distributor proposed another solution which provided the customer with zero-pressure accumulation throughout the entire system. This alone created a significant cost savings from the original minimum pressure proposal. In addition, PLC controlled merge points were replaced with inline control by assigning priority to the feed lines and utilizing enhanced EZLogic® module outputs to signal accumulation on the primary takeaway. The entire system required only two main power drops for motor power and two drops for EZLogic® IOP control power as opposed to the ten drives and control devices in the original solution.

Cost Comparison Solution 1 Solution 2
  Min. Pressure
Zero Pressure
w/ E24 & EZLogic
Conveyor Hardware $ 45,322.00 $ 42,158.00
Electrical Contractor $ 20,000.00 $ 2,500.00
Mechanical Contractor $ 4,000.00 $ 3,000.00
Total Installed Price $ 69,332.00 $ 47,658.00

Significant Savings

The new proposal was 30% less than the original proposal and within the customer's budget. Installation of the entire system took less than two days and required no outside electrical contractor. The customer, who is completely satisfied with the new system wound up with a low maintenance, low noise, zero pressure conveyor system installed in record time for less.

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