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How Hytrol's E24™ Technology Benefits You

What is the E24™?
A roller conveyor that is driven by a series of 24 volt motors designed specifically for this conveyor.

What makes the E24™ different from other conveyors?
24 volt Motor Driven Roller (MDR) conveyors are being widely used due to their simplicity and flexibility. Since the drive train is distributed along the conveyor length a single piece of equipment can perform multiple functions. This includes different speeds, multiple directions and starting/stopping individual sections.

Until now, service was a major determining factor in selecting MDR equipment. Hytrol's E24™ has been designed from the ground up to provide the best 24 volt conveyor drive technology in existence.

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E24™The E24™ system offers benefits simply not found in other conveyor technologies:

  • Safe, Quiet & Energy Efficient 24 VDC Operation
  • Modular Design for Easy Configuration & Minimal Maintenance
  • Robust, Long-Life Motor
  • Transport, Minimum Pressure and Zero Pressure Versions Available
  • Minimum Conveyor Width Not Limited by Drive Components
  • Greater Speed Options: Conveyor Speed Not Based on Fixed Gear Ratios - Speed Range Determined by Drive Spool Diameter
  • Multiple Motors per Zone for Long Zones
  • Minimum Back Pressure Ability with Limited Slip Drive Spool
  • Availability � One Motor for All Widths and Speeds means One Motor to Stock
  • Higher torque than motorized rollers
  • Fewer Motors Required for Transport Conveyor
Reliability Versatility Flexibility
E24™ Reliability E24™ Versatility E24™ Flexibility
E24™ is a brushless, gearless, low RPM, high torque motor, designed specifically for driving conveyor rollers reliably and efficiently. The E24™ motor drives the tread rollers through a spool/O-Ring combination. Different speed ranges can be achieved by simply replacing the spool with one of a different size. By replacing the drive spool with the optional limited slip spool assembly, E24™ conveyors can be used in minimum pressure applications.
E24™ Meets EZLogic®

E24 & EZLogicWhat happens when the revolution in 24 volt technology meets the world’s most advanced zero-pressure accumulation system? Hytrol proudly introduces E24EZ, the 24 VDC Live Roller Conveyor. It features the same EZLogic® familiarity customers have come to trust, while boasting ease of installation, operation, and dependability. This unstoppable combination lends itself to greater throughput and numerous configuration possibilities. E24’s control card interfaces directly with EZLogic® for accumulation. EZLogic®’s easy configurability and dynamic zone allocation, coupled with E24’s flexibility and reliability, make the E24EZ a valuable part of any conveying system.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Download the 190-E24EZ Catalog Sheet

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