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E24™ – The Future of 24 Volt Conveyor Systems

Hytrol's E24™ provides the industry with the 24-volt DC conveying solution customers have wanted for many years. E24™ sets the standard by delivering a powerful, long-lasting, low voltage means for product transportation. Because E24™ is a Hytrol innovation; it also works great with EZLogic® zero pressure accumulation systems.

Imagine a line of conveyors and accessories that are friendly to both the operator and the environment, but require no scheduled preventative maintenance – that's E24™.

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What E24™ Does For You

  • No Air Requirement
    Eliminates the need for air to your conveyor system, if it isn't already needed.

  • Long Life Expectancy
    125,000 hour design life, which is 10 years of continuous operation.

  • Decentralized Drive System
    Simple to install. Smaller drives located throughout the length of the unit offer the ability to change speed and/or direction on specific conveyor zones. Smart use of power - No energy requirements when product isn't flowing (sleep mode).

  • External Motor
    Less failure of internal components due to great heat dissipation. Conveyor elevations can be lower, due to the space saving design. With one motor design for all conveyor widths, there is no need to stock multiple part numbers.

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Where E24™ Excels

  • Zero-Pressure Accumulation
  • Pharmaceutical Order Picking
  • Postal & Document Handling
  • Belted Zone Accumulation
  • Stacked Conveyor Lines
  • Linking Automation Cells
  • Accumulating Curves
  • Timing Belt Transfers
  • Chain Driven Rollers
  • Accumulating Spurs
  • Manifesting Stations
  • In-Motion Weighing
  • Inclines/Declines
  • Machine Feeding
  • Food Processing
  • Packaging Lines
  • Assembly Lines
  • Pivot Diverters
  • Turntables
  • Lift Tables
  • Gates
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  • Standard Mounting Options
    Allows for more creativity in the design of your system. With the drive out of way, it is easy to maintain.

  • Motor with No Gears or Brushes
    Safe and very quiet operation. Fewer moving parts mean less maintenance.

  • High Torque and Low RPM
    Provides the necessary power to handle larger products. Offers more flexibility in design by having larger zones with fewer motors.

  • Variable Speed Adjustment
    Increases throughput options. Flexible conveyor speeds that are easily changed with control cards. Greater speed range with simple spool replacement.

  • Designed to Work with EZLogic®
    Allows multiple options for accumulating product.

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E24™ Test System

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