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Dutro Retail Truck

Dutro Retail Truck

111-AM-815 Aluminum Handtruck

111-AM-815 Aluminum Handtruck

2 Series Colson Caster Pak

2 Series Colson Caster Pak

4 Series Colson Caster Pak

4 Series Colson Caster Pak

Altra-Lift 5000lb Pallet Jack

Altra-Lift 5000lb Pallet Jack

B/F200-18-24 Flexible Skatewheel Conveyor

B/F200-18-24 Flexible Skatewheel Conveyor


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Hytrol EZLogic®

What's New with GEN3™?

GEN3™ Dynamic AccumulationHytrol is proud to present GEN3™, the next generation of the EZLogic® Accumulation System. It features the same EZLogic® familiarity while incorporating new technologies for ease of installation, operation, and maintenance. We have responded to the voice of our customers to make the most advanced zero-pressure accumulation system in the world even better. Hytrol continues to Lead the Way by once again revolutionizing conveyor accumulation systems.
  • Ease of Installation and Replacement
  • Dynamic Zone Allocation - Provides Unprecedented Throughput Possibilities
  • Easy to Configure
  • Expanded Control Options
  • Gen 3 AssemblyFunctionality to Enhance Product Flow
  • Greatly Simplifies Field Wiring

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Functionality Features

Two Modes of Operation

Singulation Mode - product separates while traveling down the conveyor and when it is released from the conveyor, creating a zone-length gap between packages.

Slug Mode - product does not separate when traveling down the conveyor or when it is released from the conveyor. This allows higher carton throughput at any given conveyor speed. Product will not separate on the conveyor even when accumulation has been activated at the discharge end.

Jam Protection

When the conveyor is set to run in "slug mode," if a package is sensed by an EZLogic® controller for six seconds or longer a signal is sent to the upstream zone to accumulate product on the upstream side of the jammed package. This prevents product pile-up until the jam is cleared. The zone where the jam is detected continues to drive, in many cases dislodging the product without assistance. Once the jam is cleared, the conveyor returns to normal operation.

"Sleep" Feature

If an EZLogic® controller does not detect the presence of product for a selectable time period, the controller stops the zone from driving. This is known as the "sleep" feature and it helps reduce noise and roller wear. Packages traveling down the conveyor "wake up" the zones as needed to move the package.

Loading Zone

When a pallet (or other load) is placed in a zone by some external means, the zone stops the rollers from turning and holds back any upstream pallets for a preset time.

Indexing Zone Stop

Ideal for workstations where a person finishes with one item then momentarily presses a switch, indexing the next item forward.

Pulse Feature for GEZ

Momentarily applies a brake to passing boxes in zones of GEZ (gravity accumulator) conveyors to prevent momentum build-up.

Cascaded Slug Release

Rather than releasing all cartons simultaneously, this function introduces a momentary delay in the release of each zone, from discharge upstream.